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    January 22, 2008



    Welcome to the club.

    Love the vintage futurist title, I feel that way too.

    Fredo Viola

    I hear GREAT things about Portland. I'd recommend NYC, but it's just so expensive! Portland is supposedly a lot more affordable, and really smart. Still... not so red carpet and black tails. I'm actually a little confused by your mentioning those attributes. They strike me as just as superficial as the yoga mats. You're just swapping one set of superficial attributes for another. I too hear you on the vintage futurism though.

    So, hell... come to NYC and let's be vintage futurists together. We'll set up a vintage futurist boutique where we can make vintage futurist propaganda! :)

    Donavan Freberg


    You have a point about the superficiality of the red carpets and tuxedo tails, but at least it is classy superficiality. I'd rather wear a top hat than wear hemp, but maybe that's just me. Portland is too rainy. If I'm going to endure that kind of wetness, I'll take Scotland over Oregon. I think NYC is calling to me. Let's set up shop. Here's what I propose:A boutique ad agency doing commercials like our fathers before us and use the $$$ from that venture to fund strange films and puppet theatre and music and other delightful demented ditties.


    (Sniff) Our little Donavan is growing up.

    Welcome to enlightenment, my friend. Many possibilities exist in this world. By embracing religion, people close themselves off to them. Open your mind. Free your spirit. Unchain yourself!

    You are in a commercialized wasteland. Get yourself to an area where people are people, and the pretentiousness level is at a minimum. If you want to try the good old Midwest, check out sleepy little Bloomington. Indiana, that is. I think you'd kind of like it here.


    DONT GO TO NYC!!! Thats the last place you need to go. And Bloomington Indiana???? Pffffff!!! I suggest looking harder. I hate to say this but it's going to be the same wherever you go. Just on a smaller or larger scale. However you look at it.

    A threshold into numbeness has been crossed with no hesitation. And the current of the masses heading to an empty existence has sucked us in right along with them. Welcome to hell buddy! Happiness is behind you. Never to be reached again. Unless you stop sinning and find Jesus. I found the Lord years ago. And my life has turned into a blissful existence. I obey the words of the Bible. So put any rational thinking behind you. Actually don't think at all. Just accept the Lord. This is what HE wants! This is what YOU want! This is the year my friend. The year of the LORD!!! He suffered horribly. FOR YOU!!!!!! I"m not kidding!!! Think about that! Right now! Talk about a re-read? Re-read the Bible my brother! Find the Lord and find eternal happiness and peace like I have. Your close! I can feel it. Just take the leap.

    I was wondering if you could post some pictures of Asian whores with super fat tits and tight pussy's. Thanks!

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