> Jessica


Jessica is wonder-full. She is as curious as a cat, with the heart of an explorer and the eye of a scientist. She is cute as a button in a wonderful pippi way. She is a rejuvenile with a razor sharp mind and a truly kind heart. Somehow she manages to be so timeless that she outshines the trap of hipsterdom, yet remains ever-cool. If I were trapped on a desert island and could only bring a handful of people, she would be among them for several reasons... 1. She could probably build a raft out of banana leaves and coconuts. 2. She is the kind of person you never tire of. 3. Like phosphorescent sea plankton, she emits a kind of quiet charisma that might very possibly glow in the dark. I think she might secretly be a superhero. Right now Jessica is halfway across the country studying to be a librarian. She has dreams of putting a miniature library of seahorses into a suitcase. I miss her!